What we do

DERiC is a Community Interest Company (CiC) that operates as a Social Investment Finance Intermediary (SIFI), raising funding from a variety of public and private sources and investing these funds to achieve:

How we do it

DERiC works to create and sustain new kinds of partnerships between people in communities and the public bodies that provide services to them. Using our experience and understanding of partnership working, DERiC helps to promote, develop and invest in new community owned social enterprises which offer real incentives, both financial and otherwise to all involved. With this in mind, DERiC constructs investment funds from a variety of sources to support this work. An initial fund of over £1m obtained from BigSocietyCapital is already in place.

DERiC works carefully and comprehensively to achieve these aims. We are interested learning about, supporting and assisting communities, organisations, local authorities and others who share our vision.